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I love being in the classroom of the future


Virtual Reality

The moon and the metaverse await you.  But before you get your wings, you'll need to know what you don't know - and we're here to help

It’s the new pencil and paper, it’s the new book

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Is education bad for your brain? 

There is no scientific evidence that education can cause brain damage so this is no excuse to learn. 

In fact excelling at school tends to reward those with financial independence, opportunities to travel and in some exceptional cases, allows them to travel to space.  With all the current strides in technology, space travel and/or the metaverse will be something you will encounter in your lifetime - if you have not already.

Excelling at school and beyond is the most effective way to convert your dreams into realities.  Many South Africans are leaders in their fields and this includes Elon Musk across a range of disciplines and Dave Matthews in the arts.  Neither has been to space, although Elon owns a rocket company.  Dave has a band that plays to packed stadiums every summer in America.  This could be you.