About 2Enable


This website provides access to a variety of educational content for free. If you wish to access the content offered on this platform, you will need to log in either using Facebook or by registering and logging with your 2Enable username and password. Please tweet us questions on @2EnableOrg for any help you may need. You may also contact us by email at info@2Enable.org or via our Facebook page.


If you are in search of a platform to deliver educational content, either privately (to a closed group such as your company or school) or publicly using a variety of content including videos (mp4), documents (pdf) and images then this platform will satisfy your needs. By marking a learning area as public, it will be available to any user that accesses the platform. If it is marked private (i.e. not public), the user will need to become a member of your organisation and once accepted by your Organisational Administrator, will be able to access the content that you have loaded. Please note that 2Enable can be accessed through your own website! For those organisations that wish to have their own training videos online, the look and feel of this site can be customised to match your branding and accessed from your website. In addition to just your training resources, you can allow users accessing your site to view public resources offered by other organisations. For example, you can include the CMDA's free school in the cloud on your site. This is most useful to SCHOOLS that wish to create a professional web presence and who are serious about e-learning and who wish to offer their students access to an entire 'School in the Cloud'. To register an organisation, select 'Create' in the My Organisations. This will ask for your organisation name and a brief description. On acceptance by the System Administrator, the organisation will be created and you will be made the Org Admin allowing you to create content, manage members and create events for the public or your members. You will also be able to track attendance and access all the reporting functionality.

Member Management

Registered Organisations can cluster members into groups, create events, track attendance, track access to learning content and communicate via sms with their members. Each member will have a calendar showing public events and all the private events relating to the organisations of which he/she is a member. This facility removes many of the problems faced by an organisation managing groups, tracking attendance and producing meaningful reports.

Membership Cards

Membership Cards are issued by the platform Administrators and contain an image and barcode for each user. The cards are used to track attendance at any event using any off-the-shelf barcode scanner. A single membership card is used by the user for any event and for any organisation on the platform. The cost of the card, including lanyard is R50. The card will only be printed if the user has a valid image loaded and a membership card can be ordered in the 'My Account' module.


Any organisation can create a public event and sell tickets and track attendance at the event via this platform. Payment for tickets is made using an online credit card facility and 2Enable will retain a 5% management fee of any revenue earned via these sales. Tickets are emailed to the ticket purchaser and the each ticket has a unique barcode that can be scanned once into each event.


Note that everything on this platform is offered free of charge except for the cost of sms's sent on behalf of an organisation. For more information, please contact info@2Enable.org or tweet us on @2EnableOrg. You can also contact us via our Facebook page.