What is 2Enable 

2Enable is a FREE ‘School in the Cloud’ accessible globally by any student, teacher and school and provides a comprehensive set of curriculum aligned resources and informal assessments to improve education in any environment including those living in rural communities.  It is available online at www.2Enable.org or via custom applications for Android, Microsoft and Apple mobile devices.


What value can 2Enable bring to education?

Management and Research

In the online environment, 2Enable tracks utilisation, informal and formal results, demographics and provides educational managers and researchers valuable real-time data sets to understand and analyse what is happening in the educational space.

Underserved schools

In the offline environment, 2Enable provides schools and teachers a rich set of teaching aids to help teachers deliver difficult concepts to students in their schools.  These include curriculum aligned video explanations, worksheet and workbooks.

Underserved students

Any student can directly access meaningful curriculum aligned educational content and can collaborate with their peers in instant messaging learning circles to achieve a recognised education qualification.

Bursary, Scholarship and Financial Support

2Enable can identify students who excel in academically, are active in assisting their community and have a strong set of values.  These students are best positioned to succeed in further education, are likely to have a significant impact on their communities and are deserving of financial support through a bursary or scholarship.

Teacher Resources

2Enable provides a set of curriculum aligned teacher resources, available to teachers only that can be used by any teacher in the classroom to improve standards of teaching.

Wiki - become a contributor

Any user is welcome to contribute their own videos, worksheets or teaching resources to improve the quality of the resources available on 2Enable.  These resources will be assessed and if approved, will be then published to the site. 

Get involved

2Enable is a project of Casterbridge Music Development Academy (CMDA), a registered non-profit organisation and public benefit organisation (Section 18A compliant) in South Africa.  The CMDA relies on grants and donations.  If you wish to either partner in this project or make a grant or donation, please contact us.