2Enable Frequently Asked Questions

What is new in the latest version?

All important 2Enable functionality is now available via HTML 5 in any browser.  This includes instant messaging, note taking and sharing, access to online teacher resources, tools for teachers to manage their classrooms, calendar and event creation and attendance functionality.   

For school administrators, there is a separate application that requires Silverlight to manage the organisation, assign user roles and responsiblities.  This application will only be available to organisation administrators.

What is the cost to access 2Enable?

All 2Enable apps and access to the website is free.  There is a cost to send out sms's and a once off cost to install a HUB in your school. 

Do I need an internet connection to access 2Enable?

Yes you do unless you have the Microsoft or Android app for mobile devices, which can be downloaded from the respective stores.  Then you can connect to a local library (HUB) of videos and access content offline.  In all 2Enable apps including the mobile apps, we use online assessments to track a user’s progress and this needs an internet connection.

Can I create an event and track attendance at the event?

Teachers can create events for their students and can track attendance at these events.  Group leaders can create events for their groups and can also track attendance for their events.

As a teacher, can I monitor and analyse the online progress of my students?

Teachers can analyse class results by week and can track an individual student's progress online.  A teacher can communicate via IM to any classroom of students or to any individual student that they teach.

Can a user provide feedback or communicate with other users?

Users can provide feedback on any resource and can communicate with other users via the instant messaging interface on the platform.  Teachers can communicate with their students and group leaders can communicate with their members. 

How do we set up my school as an Organisation?

There are a few steps, and they’re all easy.  But it starts with you contacting us at info@2Enable.org and after we register your school on our platform, with you as the administrator, it’s as simple as 1.2.3...

How do we manage our students as a school on 2Enable?

Each user, when they register, are asked what school they attend.  If they select your school, then they are automatically added to your school in a state of ‘Pending’.  Your school administrator then accepts or rejects their application.  Note that the user (student) can deregister from your school at any time – so they can correct mistakes or move schools.  It’s as simple as that.

What device should I purchase for myself/school that is best suited to 2Enable

Any computer or mobile device, including a smartphone or tablet can be used to access 2Enable.

What is a HUB?

A hub is a local computer (in your classroom or school) that has a copy of many of the resources.  With 2Enable, teachers can connect to this to deliver realtime videos to their classroom.  All users who have the 2Enable mobile application can access a hub and download content from the hub to their device for later access offline.  With a hub, users can access most 2Enable content in real-time without using the internet!

Facebook Login?

We have removed the login with Facebook link after Facebook's recent upgrade that removed this authentication method.  But now you can log in with your Office 365 Account.

O365 Login?

You can use Office 365 to log into 2Enable.  Please note that if you have already registered on 2Enable, you must change your email address to match your O365 login email address.  If you don’t do this, it will create a new account for you.

There are many good reasons to log in with your O365 account.  For starters, it's one less password to remember and more importantly, the enterprise version has a host of additional functionality.  You can copy teacher resources directly to your OneDrive account, you can update your Outlook calendar with any 2Enable calendar entries, you can contribute content from your OneDrive to a learning area of your choice and you can access your O365 applications.

Issues with displaying content?

There are a couple of things you should check if there are issues with resources; please check that you allow pop ups from 2Enable.org and check your security settings.  Some links that we serve come from insecure sites and your security settings may block insecure content.  If you are accessing content online version, please check your browser address bar for a security icon that indicates it is blocking any insecure content.  

Chrome won’t install Silverlight!!

Chrome stopped supporting Silverlight, a Microsoft product, in April 2015.  Please access 2Enable in Internet Explorer or Firefox.  Once installed, right click on the application and install it as a desktop icon.  It will then run as a stand-alone application.

Microsoft Edge won’t install Silverlight!!

In Windows 10, Edge, like Chrome does not support Silverlight.  In Edge, there are three dots in the top right hand corner.  If you click on these, they drop down a menu.  Here, select "Open with Internet Explorer".  Using Internet Explorer, you will be able to access the Enterprise (Silverlight) version of 2Enable in Windows 10.

Got a Question we should add?

Email it to info@2Enable.org